Viktors Testimony

Viktor (57) came to the topic of ritual abuse involuntarily, even unexpectedly: through his family in the Zurich area. It was only over time that he believed his wife and gradually realized that what she was saying was true.


How or through whom did you come into contact with ritual abuse?

I came to the topic of organized ritual abuse quite unexpectedly, involuntarily. Through my family, my wife in particular, and through the children. In the beginning, nothing was visible in my wife. There was nothing to indicate it, and even if there was, I had not even known that it existed. And it only became visible later, over time, when she had many physical complaints. Insomnia, pain, depression, all kinds of things. Consulted many doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, nobody knew what it was. Eventually, though, it came out. Triggers brought up the first memories in her. They came to light a little bit. At the time, I didn’t believe it or couldn’t grasp it. First was the abuse by her father as a child. That her own father had raped her sexually over and over again. I thought, that can’t be. But then other memories came along of the cult and things related to organized ritual abuse. I couldn’t grasp that either. I then studied it intensively, read books. I also informed myself about the psychiatric disorders and educated myself further, and I also heard stories from other affected individuals, some quite similar. Above all, I also did my own research and visited alleged crime scenes that she named, and then I realized that this is really the case, that it’s actually true. For different reasons, which she could not know at all, because some parts look different today, but it used to look exactly as she had described it. With more confirmations, the whole picture came together and it became clear that it was true, unfortunately. In principle … That’s how I got more and more into the subject.

But the memories came later?

That’s right. This has also been the case with my wife. It was not until the age of 40 to 50 that the first shreds of memory came to light through triggers. That’s very common, also with other affected individuals. There are exceptions, but usually it comes to light later, and not all at once. The cause, the reason, is the dissociative disorder. It is actually not a disorder, but a survival mechanism, which is known, and the perpetrators know exactly what they’re doing. They are professionally organized. They torture and abuse the children from an early age over and over again to create split personalities, so that the child can live through this and continue to exist in everyday life. And the memories of that, because it’s so bad, are completely split off, dissociated in split personalities, that’s also known. It’s not just one bad experience that comes to you and that you remember. It’s much worse than one bad experience, it goes as far as death experiences. The perpetrators know this very well, they work with it to condition children with it, so that they also have a career in the cult later. That’s why it’s totally hidden in everyday life and split off. The goal of the perpetrators is always also for the children to have a career later, for them to also be active themselves and kill and rape, because that’s just required in the cult.

What do you think about the plausibility of ritual abuse?

There is a lot, there is hard evidence. What’s also known are snuff videos, some of them have been seized. There are crime scenes that have been described by victims, which can be examined, whether it looked exactly the same in the past, how it can no longer be determined today, or how it cannot be manipulated today. Then the many coinciding statements of affected individuals from different places, different regions, which are similar in principle. Everyone has their own story, everyone reacts differently, but there are many common features. There is strong evidence that the perpetrators in these cults are professionally organized and protected. There are things like the various torture methods, which I keep hearing about from different individuals, the murder rituals, where it’s not just killing, but really torturing to the point of no return, drinking blood, human flesh trafficking, these are all things that you keep hearing about from various sources, and that’s very strong evidence. If you look into it, it’s proof. In addition to the aforementioned cult acts that are similar, there are also places that are mentioned similarly over and over again. Castles, bunkers, underground facilities in city centers, technical facilities underneath a railway station, military facilities, farms. These are very specific, defined places that come up again and again.

Is it difficult to bring the perpetrators to justice?

Yes, unfortunately, it’s very difficult and almost hopeless to get through with such a case, because the investigating authority, meaning the criminal investigators and the public prosecutor’s office, simply do the normal investigations with observation and house searches. If such perpetrators are reported, they know it, because they are not lone perpetrators, but part of an organized protected group. Then the police won’t find anything in a house search. That’s logical, neither on the computer nor anywhere else. You can also stalk them, observe them. They will then go into the cult and do more things, and then you just find nothing. And then they simply say there is nothing to these allegations. Also, many coinciding statements by personnel that testimony by affected individuals is not taken seriously. What I also had to experience is that evidence disappears, and I have records to prove this. Very significant documents, hardware evidence, where the prosecution doesn’t register something and simply claims the opposite in the final report. That’s understandable, at first I didn’t believe it either. Somehow it doesn’t fit into our world view. Especially in Switzerland. This must not, cannot be. I understand that, and when you hear that, you almost can’t believe it.

Finally, do you have a personal concern or message?

I think it’s important to spread information and awareness, like now with these videos, so that this becomes known, that the reality comes to light. Because if I had known 20 years ago what I know now, I could have at least protected my children, who were also taken into the cult, who were also tortured, who were also forced to kill, and who have also been severely traumatized and are now also broken for life. If I had known back then what I know now, I could have saved my children from that. Another thing that’s important in terms of spreading awareness, is that the media, especially “Schweizer Fernsehen”, is running a campaign to protect the perpetrators by claiming that the whole thing doesn’t exist. Because some experts make claims that are not true. For example, that DID [Dissociative Identity Disorder] is quite rare. There is a prevalence study of 0.4 – 4% of the total population. That’s several hundred thousand people affected in Switzerland. This clearly points to severe violence in early childhood. Repeated intentional violence, otherwise there is no DID, it takes a lot. There are also many undiagnosed sufferers of DID who are not included in these prevalence studies. Are there some who simulate or fake it? That’s possible, but this is happening on a grand scale. Actually, it’s understandable that there’s a campaign now to protect the perpetrators, because recently more and more has come to light. It’s becoming increasingly clear that this is unfortunately a reality, and that’s why the perpetrators must react.