Ritual Abuse is real
Ritual Abuse is real

Testimonies of survivors of Ritual Abuse

Since the 1980s, therapists have been working with patients who report extreme experiences of violence in the context of occult structures.

Over the years, the voices of ritual abuse survivors became more numerous and louder. Likewise, therapists began to network, organize professional conferences, and write professional books. Finally, the public began to take notice of this phenomenon. Read more

Typical experiences include: Sexual abuse, child prostitution and child pornography, torture, snuff film productions, participation in ritual acts including human sacrifice, cannibalism, and highly complex methods of mind splitting and conditioning (“mind control”). Victims are born into family structures that have practiced Satanism or similar occult beliefs for generations, or they are sold into these perpetrator circles as children. This specific form of organized crime has been called ritual abuse by therapists.

– Dedicated to Katy Groves, whose voice has been silenced but will be heard louder than ever –

35 survivors. 15 more to follow.

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  • Jessie Marsson
    Jessie Marsson (41) experienced ritual abuse from 4 to 14 in various European countries and Russia. He says: “They did even worse things to my brother than to me until I cooperated with them again.”
  • Svali
    Svali (66) experienced ritual abuse from 0 to 50 in various countries. She says: “In the early years, I grew up in the training center. Everyone I loved was part of it. Later, I was sent to other countries.”
  • Karin
    Karin (52) experienced ritual abuse in Switzerland between the age of 3 and 8. After all the torment, her grandfather told her, “Right, my girl, you don’t tell anyone. Good girls don’t tell.” She understood — and told no one.
  • Ron Alan
    Ron Alan (70) experienced ritual abuse from birth until today. Alan lives in Pennsylvania and says: “I’ve been in Nazi scenarios where Nazis walk around with guns and I and others shoot at them. So they still have access to me.”
  • Mary Sparrow
    Mary Sparrow (59) experienced ritual abuse from 3 to 10 in military circles in the USA near New York. She talks about traumatic torture and rape in laboratories.
  • Claudia
    Claudia (45) experienced ritual abuse from the age of 0 to 18 – in North Rhine-Westphalia, Bavaria, Austria, Belgium, and the Netherlands. “I was born into the cult,” she says.