Ritual Abuse is real
Ritual Abuse is real

Testimonies of survivors of Ritual Abuse

Since the 1980s, therapists have been working with patients who report extreme experiences of violence in the context of occult structures.

Over the years, the voices of ritual abuse survivors became more numerous and louder. Likewise, therapists began to network, organize professional conferences, and write professional books. Finally, the public began to take notice of this phenomenon. Read more

Typical experiences include: Sexual abuse, child prostitution and child pornography, torture, snuff film productions, participation in ritual acts including human sacrifice, cannibalism, and highly complex methods of mind splitting and conditioning (“mind control”). Victims are born into family structures that have practiced Satanism or similar occult beliefs for generations, or they are sold into these perpetrator circles as children. This specific form of organized crime has been called ritual abuse by therapists.

– Dedicated to Katy Groves, whose voice has been silenced but will be heard louder than ever –

17 survivors. 33 more to follow.

All videos with subtitles and transcript.

  • David
    David (59) hat im Alter von 0 bis 48 rituelle Gewalt erlebt und wurde nach London, Berlin, zum Vatikan sowie nach Belgien und in die Niederlande verschleppt. «Ich wurde als Kind für pornografische Filme missbraucht.»
  • Elke
    Elke (55) experienced ritual violence in Germany and Belgium from the age of 0 to about 16. «When women turn to the dark side, they are worse than the men», she says.
  • Katy Groves
    Katy Grooves (26) experienced ritual violence in Austin, Texas from the age of 0 to 26. She shares, «I am a survivor of modern mind control programming.»
  • Nessjah
    Nessjah (51) experienced ritual abuse in Germany and the USA from age 0 to 36. She first became aware of it when she was 33.
  • Isabelle
    Isabelle (58) experienced ritual violence from the age of 0 to 6 in Zandvoort, Den Haag, Heidelberg and other countries such as Belgium, France and England. 15 broken limbs after ritual abuse have been medically confirmed.
  • Sarah
    Sarah experienced ritual abuse in California and in Alaska. “They made it so that you were seen as someone who was crazy,” she says. That’s why very few people know anything about her life until today.