Rike Schwan

Rike Schwans Testimony

Rike (37), who grew up in a family that worships the devil, experienced ritual violence from the age of 0 to 28 in the Essen and surrounding area, Wewelsburg, but also in London, California, the Netherlands and Sweden. “Rape was the order of the day,” she says.

Rikes book: Illuminati im Ruhrgebiet: Die Nachfahrin eines SS-Führers packt aus (German)


How or through whom did you come into contact with ritual abuse?

I was born into a family that has been practicing ritual abuse and devil worship for generations. I was confronted with it from birth and I was included in everything. This was then the case all my life.

Where and in what context did it take place?

The most typical experience that occurred was rape. That took place in the normal family framework, in the ritual framework, of, as I said, rituals, or when occult festivals took place, or also for the so-called training, or what you can actually call the conditioning of the children, and also very much for the purposes of prostitution and abuse videos, that was also very common. That was actually the most common experience. But electric torture was also very regular, so electric shocks, either for punishment or to create split personalities.

What are the typical experiences you have had as a victim?

I would say those two things were very typical. Otherwise, rituals where occult beings were summoned, where I didn’t always understand everything. For example, what you might know as a cliché, that there were people wearing black robes. That was often the case, it’s not just a cliché.

What was your worst experience?

I can’t really pick out a single experience, but as a category, I would say the worst ones were when it had to do with human sacrifice, when a human being was killed. It didn’t always happen quickly. There was also mutilation and desecration. I either had to watch, or later I was forced to do it myself. That was so bad that still today, I try to look at it a little bit when I have to, but otherwise I don’t like to think about it. I don’t want to give any gruesome details now, but it happened often, too often. Those were the worst kinds of trauma, I would say. Then if I were to talk about non-trauma — if I were to describe the worst experience of life, then I would say it’s simply the experience, of being forced to do something, to do something that I absolutely don’t want to do. Like at the touch of a button, I do what is wanted. And that even as an adult it still works that way. Like I said, prostitution, murder, whatever. I was somehow externally controlled and my free will was taken away from me and basically also human dignity. That alone is actually the worst thing you can do to a human being, in my opinion. That’s an extreme struggle to have to reclaim that, to want to do that, to climb out of the whole mind control thing, step by step, laboriously.

How do the perpetrators get the children to comply?

What is called mind control, or what is known by it. In my case, my family were the perpetrators, and I had a bond with them, which then also let me be loyal. But in general it was my grandparents, they were the main educators, so to speak. They were always there in everyday life and also made sure that I had good experiences with them. But on the other hand, they trained and conditioned me like other people train dogs. They did that with me when I was a child, but also with my sisters and my cousins. In the group where they were, there were many other children, who were also trained like that, that’s what we always called it. It’s done through trauma. Trauma was applied, I’d say, which is torture, the rape I mentioned, or electricity, or all kinds of things. They are very creative in this. Through torture, the mind splits off. Split personality parts emerge that can be called separately into the body. Then each part gets a special training. Some get a training to be friendly when they are raped, to give positive reactions and not to feel anything at all, so not to feel at all that they don’t want that or that something stupid happens to them. Other parts are then made to … … just animal sacrifices, you start with animal sacrifices, that you lead the hand of a child, when an animal is slaughtered, and then you say: “Look, you did this, you’re to blame, you’re evil!” And at some point the child believes that. And at some point, it’s done with human beings, and then the child really believes — or the teenager, when it’s already that old: “Yes, I’m evil anyway. And I’ve already done that, there’s no other life for me … ” ” … and other people outside of the cult won’t accept me anyway.” That is then this split-off personality, and it has this task, and it can be called upon, just as the perpetrators want it, just as they need it, and then also be sent away again, according to their plans, so that you as a person have no memory of it at all, that’s completely gone. You might think you just had a nice family party and nothing bad happened. And this is done through mind control. And it also works with children who were not born into families, but who got caught in their clutches in some other way. But they definitely prefer those whose parents or other family members are collaborators, because then it’s always easier to access the children and also to make sure that the authorities don’t get involved, that no one notices.

Finally, do you have a personal concern or message?

I definitely have one. I want to speak to all who are affected, I want to say, even if it doesn’t seem like it, healing is possible. Deprogramming is possible. And above all, there are good people who help and who also believe what you say. And I definitely believe you. And above all, I would also like to say that you should always keep in mind that it’s not your fault. You were forced to do it. You had no choice as a child. Even if you get caught in their clutches as an adult. They have violence. They outnumber you. You definitely shouldn’t believe them when they say, “It’s all your fault.” It’s not true! Every victim deserves love, safety, and a self-determined life. Everyone deserves that.