It is the agenda of our programmers to control global society. We are just one of many slaves prepared with individualized, extreme, ongoing programming while global society is being processed on a mass scale, society at large being subject to mind control as well.
Elisa E: Our Life Beyond MKUltra. Then and Now, p. 189

Since the 1980s, therapists have been working with patients who report extreme experiences of violence in the context of occult structures. Typical experiences include: sexual abuse, child prostitution and child pornography, torture, snuff film productions, participation in ritual acts including human sacrifice, cannibalism, and highly complex methods of mind splitting and conditioning (“mind control“). Victims are born into family structures that have practiced Satanism or similar occult beliefs for generations, or they are sold into these perpetrator circles as children. This specific form of organized crime has been called ritual abuse by therapists. Over the years, the voices of ritual abuse survivors became more numerous and louder. Likewise, therapists began to network, organize professional conferences, and write professional books. Finally, the public began to take notice of this phenomenon.

Perpetrator groups responded to these developments in the 1990s with an effective campaign by U.S. media defaming survivors and their therapists as propagators of a “Satanic Panic” narrative. Patients’ accounts of traumatic childhood experiences were also portrayed as “false memories” that had been talked into them by their therapists. Although the Satanic Panic propaganda represented a serious setback for the survivors and their therapists, disclosure continued slowly but irreversible. In other countries around the world, victims and trauma therapists also found the courage to speak out about ritual abuse and to network internationally. More survivor reports and professional publications followed, as did data surveys to quantify the phenomenon. Now, in the year 2022/23, the perpetrator network is again trying – this time starting from Switzerland – to manipulate the public opinion and to make the victims of these violent crimes untrustworthy with the well-known method of Satanic-Panic-/false-memory-propaganda.

The project “50 Voices of Ritual Abuse” pursues the goal of eradicating the basis of this perpetrator propaganda. For the first time, the global public learns firsthand from 50 survivors that ritual abuse and mind control are real. Their testimonies not only reveal the common patterns behind the experiences of violence, but they also reveal that it is a global phenomenon (USA, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Switzerland, England, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy as well as other crime scenes are mentioned).

In August 2023, the project started with publishing 5 of 50 testimonies of survivors. Since then, two more testimonies are disclosed every week through various channels (Website, YouTube, Telegram, Odysee, etc.). Please help spread the truth.   

Mission Statement

The project “50 Voices of Ritual Abuse” aims to draw public attention to the phenomenon of ritual abuse and to initiate a social discussion. From the perspective of those affected, there is an urgent need for action as follows:

  • Improvement of therapy offerings and specific training of trauma therapists in the areas of ritual abuse, DID, and recognition and deletion of destructive programs.
  • Protection and exit support for survivors (including safe houses with associated therapeutic care)
  • Training of law enforcement institutions (police, prosecutors, judges) and support/care facilities
  • Objective reporting/education in the media.

Everyone can contribute to achieving these goals. This can be done by, among other things:

  • Disseminating reputable information about ritual abuse/mind control in the private sphere
  • Addressing politicians/party representatives at the local level
  • Addressing editors and other media representatives and commenting on/complaining about Satanic Panic/false memory propaganda in the media.

What we cannot provide

  • Protection for and care of survivors of ritual abuse
  • Investigation of crimes in the context of ritual abuse/mind control and initiation of criminal prosecutions
  • Providing contacts to the 50 Voices. Some participants in this project have already reached out to the public elsewhere (e.g., in the form of interviews, book publications, and running YouTube channels) and can therefore be contacted in this way.