Max Lowen

Max Lowen’s testimony

Max Lowen (59) experienced ritual violence in Italy (among others) from the age of 0 to 18. She talks about her experiences in the Vatican.


How or through whom did you come into contact with ritual abuse?

I was brought into this abuse right after birth, and it was from the Italian side of my family. I had an uncle who ran a secret facility underground in the outskirts of Rome, where they do torture and experiments and this kind of thing. I was initiated right after birth. Sometimes he would come to the countries I was living in, I grew up in a bunch of countries, and sometimes I would be taken to Italy. And when I was 14, I lived there full-time. That was the primary person within the facility and the Vatican.

What are the typical experiences you have had as a victim?

So, there were four things: ritual abuse, sex trafficking, torture, and experiments. When I say torture, I mean things like electric shock, being buried alive with dead bodies, being put in isolation chambers, having to watch animals and people be tortured in front of me and killed, being put in a freezer or in very extreme environments, being left in cages for periods of time with no food and water. Things like this, and of course rape and any kind of physical violence. The trafficking occurred out of the Vatican and also just among the VIPs in Italy, and, to my memory, of some countries around as well. The ritual abuse would be a variety of things, like being put in a coffin when I was two years old and left overnight in a church. Rituals of gang rape, rituals of being impregnated, and then taking the baby almost at term out of me to be used in rituals also. These elite parties — hunting parties, where myself and other children are taken and then hunted. Having to watch children be sacrificed in the sub-levels of the Vatican, cut open while they’re alive, watching them drink the children’s blood and eat their organs. Those are some of the ritual abuses. And then the experiments were, what I know today, to be sort of MKUltra / Monarch things with helmets with wires coming out and having to watch certain virtual things and my body being experimented on. Those are the kind of things that I went through from birth to age 18.

Where and in what context did it take place?

The main locations where I was tortured was in the secret facility. This facility did connect with underground tunnels to the sub-sub-levels of the Vatican. There’s levels way down under the ground where they have the special altars and all that. Mainly it would be in the facility, in the Vatican itself, and then with the trafficking, it would be to any kind of elite members in the area. Sometimes I would be in people’s homes, big mansions and places like that.

How do the perpetrators get the children to comply?

In my case and in many other people’s case, they start right after birth. So you don’t really have a choice when you’re that young. It’s just done to you. In my case, they broke attachment with my mother right in the beginning. And then after that, it was really by force and by having no choice. Some of the things I was made to do were also psychological, like deciding who is going to die, this person or this person. And so, under duress, if you say, “No, I’m not gonna choose,” then they both die. Being put in positions like that. So, I would just say by fear and by force. There were a lot of attempts to break me. I heard very early on, I overheard a conversation where this was the intent. So, I did my best to preserve myself internally. I built walls around and I kept myself. I always had the idea in my head that you will not destroy me, because that’s what I understood. But yes, every attempt was made with technology, with torture. And because during the torture, I would dissociate and split, but I never did split into distinct personalities. So, later, when I did my healing work, I was able to integrate what I call the different parts of me that existed.

What was your worst experience?

I would say for me, there’s two things that were maybe the worst experience. In the beginning, being born and having the rituals done to break the attachment between my mother and myself, so my mother was not able to take care of me and, in fact, she had alters, so she would become quite violent. So not having a safe, loving bond with either parent is something that still affects me today. And I would say the other worst thing for me was watching children being sacrificed in the Vatican. Watching them be brought in and watching them be cut open and watching all the VIP people in the room receiving — they do these sacrifices to invite demonic entities to inhabit them. And I was able to feel and see these entities also. And that was for me… to see evil itself was something that also still haunts me to this day.

Finally, do you have a personal concern or message?

The reason that I have given testimony of my experiences, and I’m doing so here as well, is because every day right now as we’re talking, children are being put through these things, and this has to stop. These people, these psychopathic, pedophile, satanist elites, they have succeeded with secrecy and deception. So when we begin to give testimony and tell our stories and tell the truth of what is actually being done to children, then we have a hope of ending this forever. And the other piece I will say is everything they’ve done to us, on some level, they have done to the whole of society. And so, for example, they have done global satanic rituals like 9/11 and CoViD. We all need to understand the way that we are being managed and traumatized and dissociated and mind-controlled so that we can heal ourselves, we can come together and we can say no and we can go forward and create a way forward that is good for all life.