Davids Testimony

David (59) experienced ritual violence from the age of 0 to 48 and was taken to London, Berlin, the Vatican and Belgium and the Netherlands. «I was abused as a child for pornographic films.»


How or through whom did you come into contact with ritual abuse?

I was born into it, so I was born into a satanic family, it was quite a small satanic group in the area where I lived, and then brought up through my whole childhood through it.

What are the typical experiences you have had as a victim?

Throughout my younger childhood, I was put through a lot of trauma and torture. And then as I grew up, I started being taken to various rituals where there was a lot of sacrificing and a lot of sexual raping of children. And so it was a lot of pain, hurt, trauma.

Where and in what context did it take place?

It started off in the local area, and a local vicar was my controller and then my handler and he was very much my master really. And then as I grew up, at three years old, I was in a very big ritual. I was then passed on to Lucifer and passed on to the Freemasons. And then from three years old, the Freemasons took big control of my life and really took it over. And from four years old, I was being trafficked by the Freemasons. And a lot of that trafficking went to places like London, and I sort of did a lot of things in London, and then various big houses around the area where I live in England. And eventually I was being trafficked to different countries. I’ve been trafficked to Germany, Belgium, Holland, Italy. I’ve been trafficked to the Vatican, and I had stuff done to me in the Vatican. And also I was being trafficked as a sex slave from the age of four. And that went on pretty much my whole childhood, I think till my very late teens, I was still being trafficked as a sex slave. That was another part of the whole Masonic setup. It wasn’t just ritual abuse, I was being trafficked, it was sexual abuse, and also for the making of pornographic films. I mean, from nine years old onwards, I was being used for pornographic filming. At nine years old, I was taken to the Tavistock Institute in London, and I went through a mind control program to develop one of my DID identities [dissociative identity disorder], to develop that as a memory, a photographic memory. So I was actually used for transferring information. And the Vatican was one of the places I was transferring information to because they use people like SRA survivors [satanic ritual abuse] because they’re very easy to get through into different countries. And there’s no paper trail. I mean we’re talking about back in the 80s and 90s, early 90s. And there’s no paper trail to follow what they’re sending. They’ll use us to transfer the information. They can’t use fax machines or teletext or things like that because then there’s a trail. So that’s one of the things I was developed to do. But I don’t have memories of meeting people like the Pope. Probably high-up officials, because you’ve got to remember that the Vatican will be infiltrated by Freemasons and Satanists. So I would have been met with high-up officials, but I don’t know of any names. The whole Westminster area, there’s a big tunnel system, and I’ve actually had things done inside those tunnels.

How do the perpetrators get the children to comply?

The DID happens right from the beginning and carries on till about eight, nine years old. That’s when they develop all the different identities, and they’ll develop all these identities to take over the host. Because if you look at me, I’m just a host. I mean, my host was developed to front the world. And then they’ll have all these different identities behind that host, which will all have a code to them and possibly, probably a name to them as well. They will pull out that identity to carry out the tasks they want. So that’s how they do it. Because when an identity comes out in me, my host will be pushed aside, so I don’t have any memory of what’s going on while that identity is carrying out its tasks. So this is how they get away with it. They develop these identities, and each one will have a job to do, or will have something to do with what they want, so they can program each one of these identities to carry out the job they want that identity to do. So whether it be sexual, whether it be transferring information. A lot of my identities were what was being called super soldiers now, which was all part of the New World Order programs where they developed super soldiers in us to carry out their plans when they bring in the New World Order. So each one will have a job to do. They will know how to trigger that identity, either by a code, a number, a color, or even various … Touching of the body will bring out that identity who will carry out that job for them.

What was your worst experience?

The ones which I really struggle with now, having sort of developed all the memories of it, were the adrenochrome parties, which I used to have to attend and where they literally just brutalized babies and very, very young children to develop the adrenaline in the blood. And then I’ve seen that they kill those children and babies to get the blood. They either drank the blood or the really hardcore ones would inject the blood into them. And that is a really bad one which I struggle with. And there was another incident which I discovered quite recently, which actually happened in the tunnels under Westminster, and it was one of their hunting games, I suppose, where they set the children off and then they hunt them down. And I remember I was in the tunnel and there was this little girl, and she was maybe two or three years younger than me, and it was one of the street girls. So it wasn’t an SRA person who’s been developed, it’s someone they snatched off of the street or … She was so desperate for me to save her and help her, and I was holding on to her, and they came along and the dog got her and just snatched … These dogs, which they had, just pulled her out of my hand and just ripped her apart, and it was just … Having memories like that is just heartbreaking. I should have done more, but at the time it doesn’t happen. I suppose you could call it a ritual, but these parties would often happen in big houses. There was a lot of prominent people. I mean, I’ve seen royalty, politicians, famous people, all sorts of people. Basically, they just — it’s just a party. I mean, it’s like a drug to these people. The Satanists of this world, it is a drug to them. So they’re getting high on it.

Finally, do you have a personal concern or message?

Everyone needs to start talking out about this. I mean, there’s a change in the world now. Awareness of something evil is starting to build. And I think SRA survivors and anyone who’s had any dealings with Satanists need to start talking out and bringing it to the light. Because that’s the only way we’re going to beat them. I mean, it still goes on now, and goodness only knows how many children are involved with it. So we need to start talking out to protect the children. And it’s not just SRA. You know, when you’re involved with a Satanist, it’s the trafficking of children, because children are a currency. I mean, they make more money out of children now than, I believe, drugs and anything else they try and smuggle or are dealing in. We gotta bring a stop to it. That’s what I feel, because Satanists are running this world, and their plan is the big takeover. And if they win by taking over this world, then it’s going to be an awful place to live in.